Limitless - The Reboot 2014 Tour
Diversity are back with their brand new tour!

Grab your tickets now to see their amazing 5th UK tour.

Visit the Events page for full tour dates, or click the link below to buy your tickets now!


Before DV...
Perri in 'Summertime' at the Royal Albert Hall
On June 16, 2008 Perri took part in the 'Summertime' show at the Royal Albert Hall. 12 London secondary schools took part in the show, each doing a different routine.

Perri's school did a Capoeira dance style routine to It Ain't Necessarily So.

Here are some pictures from the show: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Before DV...
Swift Moves at 'Jump Off' event 2005
Most of the Diversity crew have a long dance background. Prior to forming Diversity, some of the members performed in a crew called Swift Moves.

Back in August 2005 they took part in the 'Jump Off' event, and beat rivals Kruel Intentions. Here is the video from the event.

Click here to watch video on YouTube

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