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Diversity are 11 lads from the ages of 16 – 28. Most of the group are brothers and have grown up together. The group are one big happy family, so their chemistry on stage is real.

They only formed Diversity in 2007 when the younger dancers combined with the older ones. In the 2007 they won the UK dance championships.

Ashley who is the group’s choreographer tries to create a dance style that is eye catching and entertaining using films such as Transformers for inspiration.

All the group are from the East London / Essex area. There are 11 members with 3 sets of brothers and 4 other members.

In 2009 the group decided they were ready to tackle Britains Got Talent, and blew the judges away with their dynamic and creative dance moves.

Having sailed through the audition, and impressing the judges to get through the semi-finals, Diversity were set to take on the other 9 finalists in the live show on May 30, 2009. Diversity pulled out all the stops in the final performance, and went on to win Britains Got Talent 2009.

Since then, Diversity have been performing all over the country, and later this year will be performing at the Royal Variety Performance in front of Her Majesty the Queen.

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